Dating during divorce process tn

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Dating during divorce process tn

By Benjamin Papa, Family Law Attorney and Mediator, Nashville, TNAs a full-time family law attorney and mediator, with the bulk of my practice being divorce and post-divorce cases, I have found that there are a number of widely held beliefs about how divorce law works in Tennessee.

Myth 7: If a divorcing couple cannot agree to which of them will be the primary residential parent, the default is that the mother serves that role.But, as a practical matter, most courts divide property at least in the vicinity of fifty/fifty, but the statute does not require them to do so, as long as the court can find that the division it makes is "fair and equitable" under the circumstances.Myth 9: If an individual is about to file for divorce and moves an asset into an account in his or her name only, he or she can protect that asset from being divided in the divorce later.In determining the support amount, the Guidelines take into account the parties' income, the number of parenting days each parent will spend with the children, which parent is covering the child's health insurance premium, and other factors.While courts can deviate from the Guidelines, they usually do not.

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